The linear economy is broken

The waste from our consumption of consumer electronics alone is huge.

Every year
tonnes of e-waste is generated
That’s equal
to throwing
laptops into landfill
every second
inactive used smartphones globally
Our research
shows devices
are only used
of their usable life
of global e-waste is recycled
Up to
of recyclable smartphones in UK drawers
Traction to date
Growth in just 3 years
Annual Recurring Revenue
$1 trillion
Electronics market
On Trustpilot
Devices circulated
Backed by
What investors love
“The old distribution model that I helped build in the 1990’s is reaching the end of its shelf-life. Raylo represents a new model that is fairer to consumers’ wallets and kinder to the planet.”
Guy Johnson
Founder of Carphone Warehouse
What customers love
“We're delighted with the immediate impact Raylo Pay has had on our handset sales. We very much see hardware subscription contributing significantly to our future operating model and growth strategy.”
Steve Heald
Affordable Mobiles - Managing Director
“Beyond financial advantages, this leasing approach could substantially curtail electronic waste, appealing to both tech enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers."
Sky News
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Annual Recurring Revenue
Devices circulated
Growth over the last three years
Net promoter score
Our technology
We focus on the technology, risk and financing without handling a single device and partner with global leaders in supply chain, logistics and processing.
icon showing simple bar graph
Credit and fraud risk
Our AI powered Xylo risk model is designed to deliver the highest approval rates using over 3000 factors and alternative data sources including open banking
icon showing engine cogs
Residual value pricing engine
Real time residual value pricing across thousands of SKUs. Ensuring that consumers receive fair value for their devices
icon showing a bag of money being handed over
Embedded finance
Retailers get paid upfront, risk free
icon showing jigsaw pieces
Plugin suite
Off the shelf plugins for WooCommerce and Magento allowing retailers to integrate simply
icon showing showing cloud API
Raylo retailer API
For fully flexible bespoke integrations for larger retailers, manufactuers and networks
icon showing parachute delivering help
Outsourced operations and warehousing partners
Deep integrations with supply chain, logistics and processing partners 

Our websites

Our lease-only-retail-website where consumers can access a great range of the latest devices. uses all Raylo proprietary tech and has enabled us to show the world how easy it is for retailers to offer leasing to consumers.
Where retailers can learn all about Raylo. They can understand more about the benefits of offering consumers Raylo leasing and learn more about our easy integration.